Job Opportunities

Working with us

Here’s what our staff say about working at River East Physiotherapy:

  • “It’s all about the people. We have always been able to recruit and surround ourselves with a great group of caring and passionate individuals.  It makes our work environment a fun and exciting place to be.  It’s also a very clean, efficient and extremely well-organized facility.” – Don Charbonneau, BMR-PT
  • “We have the best patients and the best staff! Hands down!” – Ashley Gusberti, BMR-PT.
  • “I have always referred to River East as being my second family. Everyone is friendly with one another, and we genuinely have fun together - both in and out of clinic. We have a sincere interest in each other’s personal lives, and we laugh together a lot. I believe we are a true representation of what it means to work as a team.” – Danielle Fraser, BMR-PT
  • “I really enjoy the team that we have at River East, from our reception staff to our therapists. Everybody is ready to go out of their way to make sure patients’ needs are being met. I think this creates a great environment for both the patient and the clinician.” – Ryan Corkal, MPT
  • “The organization of the clinics is fantastic, and the team is tons of fun! Plus, everyone's always willing to share their expertise with me, which I value so much." – Tami Prado, MSc. PT

We have a bustling practice and a team of friendly, dedicated professionals.  Our operations are highly organized – we have a full time Clinic Manager, and we are continuously improving our systems and processes to support our physiotherapists and patients. 

Living in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is booming with arts & cultural activity – world-class theatre, dance, live music, nightlife, and a serious food scene.  Our clinics are located in North Kildonan, a calm neighbourhood with tree-lined streets and many charming homes.  Housing and the cost of living is remarkably affordable compared to other major Canadian cities. 

Here's what our physiotherapists say about Winnipeg:

  • “My favourite thing is all the amazing restaurants – perfect for a foodie like me!” – Aynsley Fraser Kiernicki, BMR-PT
  • “I love how Winnipeg isn’t overly large - you can generally get from point A to B in a reasonable amount of time. I love the variety of restaurants we have in our city. I also love the number of festivals we have - Folklorama is my personal favourite. AND.... we have the Winnipeg Jets, hello? Need I say more!” – Danielle Fraser, BMR-PT
  • “I love the people of Winnipeg and I love our lakes and outdoors – in both the summer and the winter.” – Ryan Corkal, MPT
  • “I love how multicultural Winnipeg is, and I appreciate this most when trying out different restaurants throughout the city. Also, the Winnipeg Jets!” – Ryan Pang, MPT
  • “You can call me crazy, but I love the snow here! I also love how Winnipeg is a large city that still feels like a small town.” – Tami Prado, MSc. PT
  • “The summers are amazing – it gets really hot and there are so many lakes and beaches nearby. Like, white sand beaches and crystal clear water, I’m not exaggerating.  Winnipeg is so underrated – when I came here last summer I was blown away by the quality of theatre, dance and live music.” – Andrea Grant, MScPT

Current Opportunities

We're currently hiring a physiotherapist, a Patient Experience Coordinator, a registered massage therapist, and people who would make great physiotherapy assistants

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