Government Funding - Hip & Knee

Have you recently had a hip or knee replacement surgery?  Are you on a wait list for a hip or knee replacement in Manitoba?

GREAT NEWS!  The Government of Manitoba has made it easier to get the physiotherapy treatment you need after hip or knee replacement surgery.  If you're eligible for this government funding, our clinic can get it for you. 

We offer two treatment options as you recover from hip or knee replacement surgery:

  1. One-on-one treatment sessions with a physiotherapist, to ensure you get personalized care. 
  2. Hip and knee classes with a physiotherapist instructor.  These classes are great for doing your exercise program in a fun environment, and getting to know other people with hip and knee conditions.  Learn about our hip and knee classes here.

Both treatment options are eligible for government funding at our clinic.  Whether you have private insurance or not, our physiotherapists and administrative staff can help you figure out how much funding you are eligible for.

Government Funding - The Details

Individuals who have had an elective:

  • total hip replacement surgery, or a revision,
  • total knee replacement surgery, or a revision, or
  • unicompartmental knee replacement surgery,

since January 1, 2023, can qualify for Government of Manitoba funding for physiotherapy at our clinic.  

This Government of Manitoba Post-Op Funding and Reimbursement Program covers either:

  1. Six (6) one-on-one treatment sessions or a maximum of $540, whichever comes first, OR
  2. 10 group sessions or a maximum of $490, whichever comes first.

A one-on-one initial assessment with a physiotherapist is included as the first session for both options (A) and (B).

You do not need a referral from your doctor to come to our clinic for these services.

This government funding is only intended for people who don't have private insurance, or who have used up their private insurance.

Read the Government of Manitoba's April 5, 2023 announcement, here.

Learn more about insurance coverage at our clinic, here.

Still have questions?  Call us now to book a FREE 15-minute consultation with a physiotherapist, to make sure physiotherapy is right for you.  Our physiotherapists and administrative staff can also answer your questions regarding this new government funding.

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