Insurance Coverage

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy are covered under many extended health benefits plans. At each appointment, we provide you with a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance company.

Direct billing means we do the work for you to get payment from your insurance company.  It's convenient for you, because you don't have pay us at your appointment (unless there's a portion of your treatment fee that your insurance company won't cover). 

If your insurance plan does allow for direct billing, we can direct bill to the following insurance companies for both physiotherapy and massage therapy:

Insurance Coverage Tips for Clients:

  • Physiotherapy is tax deductible, for those who qualify.
  • Every insurance plan is unique. Before your appointment, always check with your insurance provider to confirm whether your therapy is covered under your plan, and if there are any conditions. For example:
    • Do you need a doctor's referral for your therapy to be covered by your insurance? 
    • Does your insurance only cover a certain number of treatments?  If so, how many?
    • Does your insurance coverage re-set every year?  If so, does that 'year' start January 1, or another day?
    • Does your insurance cover group classes led by a physiotherapist, or only one-to-one appointments with a physiotherapist?
  • If your injury is work-related, make sure to bring your Worker's Compensation Board claim number to your first appointment. 
  • If your injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident, make sure to bring your Manitoba Public Insurance bodily injury claim number to your first appointment.  
  • Have you recently had a hip or knee replacement?  You may be eligible for Government of Manitoba funding to cover the cost of your physiotherapy after your surgery.  Learn more here.

Physiotherapy is Medically Necessary Healthcare

Physiotherapy is medically necessary healthcare.  Access to the healthcare Manitobans need shouldn't be limited by whether they:

  • can afford to pay for it or not, or 
  • has access to private insurance coverage or not.

Plus, physiotherapy actually reduces the cost of healthcare to the tax payer.  By ensuring people rehabilitate quickly from their injury, or manage safely at home with their health condition, physiotherapy reduces:

  • Trips to the emergency room, urgent care, and to family doctors
  • The incidence of acute injuries from becoming chronic
  • Repeated injuries
  • Workplace absences due to injury and pain
  • The need for pain drug prescription, and consequently pain drug side-effects

Currently, there is very limited physiotherapy provided in hospitals in Manitoba, since significant cuts were made by the Manitoba Government in 2017.  In the community (i.e. outside of hospitals) there is government coverage for only a few body parts and surgeries.  For example, the government will cover a limited number of physiotherapy appointments for rehabilitation from total hip & knee replacement surgery, or from hand surgery.   

We encourage you to write to your MLA and urge them to expand government funding for all types of physiotherapy. Manitobans deserve it.

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