Jaw Pain & Dysfunction

Issues with the jaw (known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ) can cause severe facial pain, headaches, difficulty chewing, and difficulty speaking.  Stress and postural strain often make things worse.  

We can help.  We have been treating jaw / TMJ syndromes for over 30 years.  We work with dentists to help manage jaw clicking, jaw locking, jaw clenching/grinding, facial pain, neck pain, headaches, and other jaw-related dysfunctions. 

When we design a TMJ program with our patients, goals often include: reducing pain, increasing jaw "range of motion'" (i.e. how much your jaw can move), alleviating muscle spasm, reducing inflammation, and improving posture. Our home programs are customized to each patient, and they progress gradually - which is essential for maintaining progress over the long term.  

Our TMJ tools include:

  • hands-on techniques ("manual therapy") such as massage and joint mobilization,
  • patient education,
  • customized exercise training,
  • acupuncture (needle and non-needle techniques),
  • ultrasound therapy,
  • low level laser therapy,
  • heat and/or ice, and
  • electrotherapy. 

Not sure if physiotherapy or massage therapy can help?  Call us for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with one of our physiotherapists to see if our TMJ treatment program can help with your symptoms.

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