Henderson Highway Location

Looking for a physiotherapy clinic on Henderson Highway?

Our 1215 A Henderson Highway location is between Kingsford Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue, on the main floor of the Kingsford Building.  We're right beside the Pizza Oven.

There's lots of FREE parking in the front and the back of the clinic.  There is free street parking on Kingsford and Hawthorne.  (You can also park on Henderson Highway when it isn't rush hour - check the signs).

Need a wheelchair accessible entrance?  Park in the front of the clinic and use our wheelchair accessible door at the front.

Our Henderson Highway location is only two blocks away from our 1204 Rothesay Street location.  We work as one big team, and you are welcome to switch between locations, at your convenience.

Clinic Tour

Take a video tour of our 1215 A Henderson Highway Location to help you know what to expect!

Henderson Highway Team

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