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Yulia Agarkov

Training & Qualifications

Yulia Agarkov, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Winnipeg. On top of her college training, Yulia has completed advanced training in fascial treatment.

Yulia also has diverse experience and qualifications as a health care practitioner.  Before earning her diploma in Massage Therapy, she worked as a Registered Nurse and a Health Care Aide.

Yulia's Approach

Yulia’s approach focuses on delivering high quality, client-centered care.  She is skilled in treating both acute and chronic conditions.

"For me, every client is a challenge," says Yulia.  "I do an assessment to determine what dysfunction my client has, and then find the best way to help them.

"I like to work as a team with other health professionals, including physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and athletic therapists.  I think working as a health care team can help clients achieve their goals faster."

Unique Service Offerings

Yulia is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew (plus she understands Ukrianian quite well). She's happy to provide service in these language, to help make clients more comfortable.

Yulia has advanced training in fascial massage - learn more about the benefits of fascial massage here.

Given her unique background as a nurse as well as a massage therapist, Yulia is well equipped to treat patients with complex medical conditions.

More about Yulia

Tell us the story of why you became a Registered Massage Therapist.

"When I was a teenager I wanted to become massage therapist," says Yulia, "but my parents never approved.  

"So I pursued other health care certifications and health care work.  First, I worked as a veterinarian, actually.  Then I became a Registered Nurse and worked as a nurse in Israel.  After that, I was a Health Care Aide in Winnipeg. 

"It took me about 20 years to make the change to become a massage therapist, and make my teenage dream come true."

What do you like about being a Registered Massage Therapist?

“So many things!  First and foremost, I like to help people.  I’m happy that as a Registered Massage Therapist I have the tools to help my clients cope with pain and movement restrictions. 

“I also like to watch my clients’ progress.  My clients inspire me with their progress.

“Day-to-day, I also just like to talk to people and listen to their stories.  In this profession, I meet so many different personalities and I really enjoy my time with clients.”

What are some compliments you’ve received from patients?

“The best compliment is when clients bring their friends and family to see me.”

What’s something you’re proud of?

“I’m proud of my family.  I’m proud of my kids.  Right now, all three of my kids are teenagers, which means they’re not easy to be with sometimes.  Despite that, I see them growing up into amazing adults with golden hearts, and I’m so proud of them.”

Is there a clinical area you’re particularly interested in?

“I’m particularly interested in rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries.  I like collaborating with the physiotherapists to get clients back to their active lifestyles after these setbacks.”

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I like reading, knitting, cooking, baking, sewing teddy bears, taking care of my low-tech fish tanks, gardening, and reading again. 

“I also enjoy travelling, hiking, discovering Manitoba, and picking wild mushrooms, herbs and berries.”

What’s something that few people know about you?

“I studied in fine arts school for eight years when I was a kid.  I was into jumping with parachutes, and was in paragliding as a sport.  I also competed in rowing and sailing as a teenager.  I know it sounds like I’m five different people, but it’s true.”

Someone who knows you well would describe you as…


Where are you local? 

“I was born in Soviet of Union. Then I moved to Israel and lived there for fourteen years. In 2018, my family and I moved to Winnipeg.”

What do you like most about Winnipeg?

“I like the people here. When I see the words “Friendly Manitoba” on our vehicle license plates, I one-hundred percent agree with that – Manitobans are truly friendly. I feel at home here.”


 Photo credit: David Lipnowski Photography

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