Return To Work

An enhanced medical rehabilitation program combining physiotherapy treatments, exercise and functional reconditioning. We facilitate getting patients back to their active lifestyle with appropriate treatments and a graduated physical return to work plan.

For more information please contact Office Manager @ 204.982.9191.


Physiotherapists work closely with case managers. Assessments include functional testing specific to job demands. Testing is repeated mid program or monthly for extended programs.


Physiotherapy treatment to reduce pain, inflammation and myospasm. Treatment may include manual therapy, laser therapy, joint mobilization, acupuncture, heat/ice, TENS, ultrasound, traction, whirlpool and more.


Reports are detailed according to functional assessment. 
Reports are sent after assessment, mid program or monthly on extended programs and on discharge.


Three to five times a week until functional goals or a plateau has been reached. Attendance is consistent with the patient’s return to work plan.


Average two and one half hour sessions include:

  • Exercise conditioning specific to job demands
  • Gym workout-endurance, strength, flexibility, and aerobic training
  • Pain management and injury prevention education
  • Worksite/home exercise programs
  • Treatment

Selection Criteria

Appropriate patients:

  • Require physiotherapy treatments to reduce inflammation, myospasm and joint restrictions
  • Have physically demanding jobs
  • Are ready for a "progressive physical program" through assessment screening
  • Would benefit from:
    • Functional re-conditioning
    • Worksite/home exercise
    • Re-injury prevention training

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