Why Physiotherapy Saves Taxpayers Money

Is your insurance coverage not getting you the physiotherapy you need? Get involved in making a change.

If you're frustrated the government doesn't pay for your physiotherapy, you're not alone. Currently, there is very limited physiotherapy provided in hospitals in Manitoba, since significant cuts were made by the Manitoba Government in 2017.  In the community (i.e. outside of hospitals) there is government coverage for only a few body parts and surgeries.  For example, the government will cover a limited number of physiotherapy appointments for rehabilitation from total hip & knee replacement surgery, or from hand surgery.

We encourage you to write to your MLA and urge them to expand government funding for all types of physiotherapy. Manitobans deserve it.

And don't feel bad about asking for more government spending.  We should all be aware physiotherapy actually reduces the cost of healthcare to the tax payer.  By ensuring people recover quickly from their injury, or manage safely at home with their health condition, physiotherapy reduces:

  • Trips to the emergency room, urgent care, and to family doctors
  • The incidence of acute injuries from becoming chronic
  • Repeated injuries
  • Workplace absences due to injury and pain
  • The need for pain drug prescription, and consequently pain drug side-effects

Want the numbers on how physiotherapy reduces costs to the taxpayer?  In 2024, Deloitte and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association commissioned a study to get the hard numbers.  Read that report here: The Economic Impact of Physiotherapy in Canada.

Many people have private insurance, such as extended health benefits available through their job.  If you have private insurance and it's just not enough, it's usually your employer that chooses your private insurance plan and how much physiotherapy it includes. Consider letting them know you need more coverage for physiotherapy, to get back to your work or to what you need to do in everyday life. They may have no idea your insurance plan just isn't enough.