Parade for Parkinson's on April 24

At River East Physiotherapy, one of our valued partners is U-Turn Parkinson's - a wellness centre in Winnipeg that empowers people living with Parkinson's in their pursuit of wellness.  As physiotherapists, we know how important high-intensity exercise is for improving Parkinson's symptoms, and we work with people living with Parkinson's to improve their mobility and achieve day-to-day movement goals.  

U-Turn Parkinson's is a registered charity, and it's turning 5-years old this April!  Part celebration, part fundraiser, the Food Fare Parade for Parkinson's is a great opportunity to show support for U-Turn Parkinson's.  It's a virtual parade, so that means a fun Zoom call with costumes & entertainment. 

From our experience, the U-Turn Parkinson's team throws super fun events, especially over Zoom (believe it or not!).  This virtual parade will be a great opportunity to support them, and heck, it will just be fun. 

Join us on the 24th?

Until then, the challenge will be figuring out what to wear. What does one wear to a virtual parade?  Who owns a marching band costume?  Anyone feeling like re-enacting that Santa Claus parade you missed this past Christmas?  And don't forget about your pet - dress them up (in true COVID entertainment style) and show them off!  We just can't get enough of other people's pets these days.

For more details about the Food Fare Parade for Parkinson's, visit the U-Turn Parkinson's website, or email U-Turn Parkinson's at [email protected].