Return To Work

Our return-to-work program is an enhanced medical rehabilitation program.  We combine physiotherapy treatments, exercise and functional reconditioning to get patients back to their active lifestyles. Our program is always customized to patients, and includes a graduated physical return to work plan.


Our assessments include functional testing that is job-specific - this tells us how close the patient's current function is to the level required for their job. Testing is repeated on a regular basis (mid-program or monthly for extended programs) to monitor progress.


Physiotherapy treatment aims to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm.  We also provide guided exercise programs, to help ensure patients can do the movements they need to do for work, and for life.  Other treatments may include hands-on treatment ("manual therapy"), low-level laser therapy, acupuncture, heat/ice, electrotherapy, ultrasound, and traction.


Our physiotherapists work closely with case managers, including reports, meetings, and phone calls as appropriate.  We provide detailed reports:

  • upon functional assessment,
  • mid-program, or monthly on extended programs, and
  • on discharge.

Attendance & Sessions

Patient attendance is determined by the patient's return to work plan. Usually, patients attend three to five times a week until they have either achieved their functional goals or reached a plateau.

Sessions usually last two and a half hours.  Sessions include:

  • Exercise conditioning specific to job demands;
  • Gym workouts focusing on endurance, strength, flexibility, and/or aerobic training;
  • Pain management techniques and education on injury prevention; 
  • Worksite/home exercise programs.

Selection Criteria  

People appropriate for our return-to-work programs: 

  • Require physiotherapy treatments to reduce inflammation, muscle spasm and/or joint restrictions;
  • Have physically demanding jobs;
  • Demonstrate they are ready for a progressive physical program at their assessment screening; and
  • Would benefit from:
    • Functional re-conditioning,
    • Worksite/home exercise, and
    • Re-injury prevention training.

Functional Reconditioning

“Functional" describes a very specific program of assessment, treatment and conditioning exercises to match a persons physical work tasks so they can return safely to their job after injury. Insurance companies and employers utilize our enhanced 4, 6 or 8 week return to work programs. Daily attendance facilitates strength and endurance training. Patients workout in our gym and work stations for lifting, pushing, carrying etc. These programs adjust perfectly for a graduated return to the patient's actual work environment.

A very detailed 1 or 2 day evaluation measures exactly what the body can or cannot do. This is valuable information for patients, their doctors and case managers who need to know current functional abilities during or after healing plateaus.

For more information about our return-to-work programs and/or functional reconditioning, please contact our Clinic Manager at 204-982-9191.

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