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Learn more about our services, our clinics, our people, and your injury or condition. Here are some other websites relevant to our clients:

TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation - This is our clinic's guide to understanding TENS, which is a common tool for pain relief.

Bioflex Laser - This is the type of low level laser we use in our clinics.  

Paris Orthotics - We work closely with this custom foot orthotics laboratory to produce high quality custom orthotics for our patients.

Pelvic Health & The Pelvic Floor - This is our guide to understanding the pelvic floor, pelvic floor dysfunction, common pelvic health conditions, and treatment options for pelvic health conditions.

Workout Videos for Parkinson's Disease - These free videos, created by NeurofitBC, are an excellent resource for people living with Parkinson's.  They can be used as part of the customized exercise program developed by our physiotherapists. 

U-Turn Parkinsons - We partner with this Parkinson's wellness centre here in Winnipeg to deliver group fitness classes for people living with Parkinson's.  They also have so many more resources, including yoga for Parkinson's, speech therapy, and voice classes.

Parkinson Canada in Manitoba - An excellent resource for people living with Parkinson's, and their loved ones.  They have an excellent referral line, information sessions, workshops, and conferences.  

Acupuncture Canada - This is the organization we use for acupuncture training and certification.  Their website is a great resource for learning more about acupuncture.

College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba - This is the organization that licenses our physiotherapists.  Their mission is to ensure the public receives safe, competent physiotherapy care from qualified physiotherapists.

The Tetra Society - This is a non-profit organization, with volunteers in Winnipeg, who make assistive devices for people living with disabilities.  They focus on opportunities where the devices are cost-prohibitive, or where they are not commercially available.  

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