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Temporal Mandibular Jaw (TMJ) Dysfunction

Stress and postural strains on the TMJ anatomy can cause severe facial pain with headaches.

We have been treating TMJ syndromes for over 30 years working with dentists to help manage jaw clicking, facial pain, headaches, abnormal biomechanics and jaw dysfunctions. 

Program goals are to alleviate muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, re educate postural head /neck / jaw behavior, strengthen weak muscle patterns and gently increase restricted ranges of motion. A graduated, customized home program is essential toward achieving and maintaining goals to reduce bruxism, joint locking and associated postural neck strain.

Our tools include (but not restricted to) manual therapy, acupuncture (needle and non needle techniques), ultrasound therapy, cold laser therapy, modalities of heat and/or ice, electrotherapy,  customized exercise training and patient education.

We work with you.  Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our professional physiotherapists to see if our TMJ treatment program can help you with your symptoms.

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