Acupuncture and Dry Needle Therapy

Acupuncture involves applying very thin flexible needles into well mapped points of the body’s  musculoskeletal system. It's an ancient practice that manipulates the body's release of neural hormones (serotonin, endorphins) that facilitate relaxation, pain relief and helps to reduce inflammation. Our physiotherapists are trained and certified in neural anatomical acupuncture with Acupuncture Canada

Acupuncture is relatively painless with virtually no side affects. It can be effective in treating both the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.  It works well especially when combined with physical therapies like exercise, heat and manual therapy.

Dry Needle Therapy is another technique using the same type of sterile disposable needles.  Needle insertion is into trigger points and contracted tight tissues that restrict mobility causing myofascial pain. This technique also requires post graduate training.  We work together as a team at River East Physiotherapy co referring to each other depending on acquired skill sets.

Can Acupuncture or Dry Needle Therapy help you?  Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if this type of physical therapy is appropriate for your symptoms.

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