Patient Info

We get you back to your active lifestyle!

We are always accepting new patients, as our old ones get better and leave us.

If physiotherapy is appropriate for your condition, see us as soon as possible. The sooner you start physiotherapy after an injury, the better the outcomes can be - and often less therapy is required.

Many doctors and dentists refer patients to our clinics.  However, you do not need a doctor's referral to visit us (unless your health insurance requires it).

With your consent, we work collaboratively with your other health care providers.  For instance, after your assessment, your physiotherapist will send a report to your doctor to keep him/her up-to-date on your condition.  We'll also send progress reports, as needed. 

Patient Resources

Learn more about our services, our clinics, our people, and your injury or condition

Here are some other websites relevant to our patients:

Acupuncture Canada - This is the organization we use for acupuncture training and certification.

College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba - This is the organization that licenses our physiotherapists.  Their mission is to ensure the public receives safe, competent physiotherapy care from qualified physiotherapists.

Bioflex Laser - This is the type of low level laser we use in our clinics.  

Paris Orthotics - We work closely with this custom foot orthotics laboratory to produce high quality custom orthotics for our patients.