Maddy Lengyel

Training & Qualifications

Madeline (Maddy) Lengyel graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master of Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Kinesiology. She has experience working with people ages one to 101! Maddy has a strong knowledge of exercise and strength training, and has taught a variety of exercise classes.  On top of her university qualifications, she is also trained in:

  • Concussion management
    • Concussion Management Workshops (Concussion Rehab Works, Levels 1 & 2)
    • Managing Dizziness in Post Concussion Syndrome (Dizziness & Balance Rehab Clinic)
    • Enhancing VOR Assessment & Gaze Stability Exercises (Dizziness & Balance Rehab Clinic)
  • Acupuncture (Acupuncture Canada)
  • Orthopaedic physiotherapy (Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopaedic Division Level 1)
  • Jaw / Temporomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction - Evaluation and Treatment.
  • Custom orthotics
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation - hemiplegia (NDT Introductory Course in the Management and Treatment of Adults with Hemiplegia, Teresa Siebold, NDTA)

Maddy’s Approach

Life is busy and it can be hard to find a work-life balance. Maddy provides individualized, evidence-based treatment programs that fit in her clients’ busy schedules.  She’s dedicated to helping her clients stay active and feel their best. Maddy uses a blend of manual therapy, exercise and education to empower her clients to achieve their goals and get back to doing what they love.

Maddy enjoys working with clients of all ages and has a keen interest in assessing and treating children and teens.

Unique Service Offerings

Maddy is skilled at treating patients by video call

She designs and leads our clinic's Hip & Knee Classes.

Maddy is also passionate about concussion management & brain health:

  • She works collaboratively with her clients’ physicians to help clients manage their concussion symptoms and facilitate their return to sport, work, and everyday life.
  • Maddy also works with clients recovering from strokes.  She helps these clients regain function, improve their movement, increase their independence, and reduce their risk of further strokes.

Commitment to the Community

Maddy is committed to giving back to the physiotherapy community. She currently volunteers on committees for the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba and the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association.

Throughout her physiotherapy training, she was involved in events and programs such as the U of M's Master of Physical Therapy's Multiple Mini Interview, the College of Rehabilitation Sciences Open House, Sport Physiotherapy Canada Volleyball, Siloam Mission, WISH (Winnipeg Interdisciplinary Student-Run Health) Clinic, and CanU Reach (a program for children in Grades 5-12 that introduces them to post-secondary environments and opportunities). 

More About Maddy

What do you like best about being a physiotherapist?

“What’s not to love?” asks Maddy.  “There is so much opportunity to grow and develop in this profession.  I get to help people reach their goals, improve their health, and even improve their confidence.

“As a physiotherapist, I get to meet people of all ages and backgrounds, and I get the challenge of creating unique, individualized programs for each of them. 

“I also love that it’s a job that keeps me active.”

What’s something you’re really proud of?

“After suffering a concussion in the first year of my Master’s program, I struggled to maintain my physical health while keeping up with course work and clinical placements,” says Maddy.  “To help create positive habits in my life, I set a goal to work out every day for at least 30 minutes. I successfully reached 365 days of this goal on December 31st, 2020!”

Have you won any awards? 

“I won the Helen Humphrey Ross Award of Excellence for highest academic standing over the two years of my physiotherapy Master’s program."

Tell me the story of why you decided to become a physiotherapist.

“My love for anatomy mixed with many trips to physiotherapy for sport-related injury made me realize it was a job opportunity I couldn’t resist!”

What’s your favourite thing to do at work? 

“Swap recipes with clients. Especially around the holidays!”

What do you like about working at River East Physiotherapy?

"At River East I have felt valued and supported right from the get-go! The mentorship offered to new clinicians went above and beyond my expectations and I have been encouraged to pursue any area of practice that piques my interest. The entire team – therapists & support staff – have been wonderful and make coming to work every day an absolute pleasure."

Any hobbies?  And/or strong non-physio skills?

“I love playing recreational sports – I currently play on women’s hockey and volleyball teams. I also love staying active, whether that’s working out at the gym, practicing yoga, or checking out one of Manitoba’s many outdoor trails. In the summer you’ll often find me out on the water – swimming, kayaking, or fishing.

“When life gets busy, I also like to sit back and find some time to bake new recipes, or start a new painting while enjoying a cup of tea.”

What’s something that few people know about you?

“I am a ridiculously competitive dodgeball player.”

Are there any particular clinical challenges you’re passionate about solving?

“I’m passionate about concussion education and normalizing brain health. Being diagnosed with a concussion is just as serious as breaking an ankle, but it isn’t always taken seriously.  You can’t see a concussion like you can see a broken bone on an x-ray, but that doesn’t mean your brain doesn’t need attention.  It’s important for me to help clients understand what the are going through, and to help them better manage their concussion symptoms.” 

Someone who knows you well would describe you as….

“Kind-hearted, hard-working and creative.  And I’ve been told I always seem to have a smile on my face!”

Where are you local? 

“I grew up in Winnipeg, but spent most of my summers up in Flin Flon, Manitoba.”

What do you love about Winnipeg?

“I love Winnipeg culture – there are so many amazing restaurants, events and beautiful areas to explore. I love the outdoors – the parks, both winter and summer trails and the surrounding lakes. And I love Jets hockey, of course!’  

Your favourite things – tell us about them.

“I’m a sucker for rom coms and hallmark movies. The cheesier the better.  I also love northern Manitoba – the lakes, the fishing, the wildlife, the people. It’s a beautiful place.”

Photo credit: David Lipnowski Photography

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