Justina Nweke

Training and Qualifications

Justina Nweke holds a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (BMR) from the University of Nigeria and a Master’s of Physiotherapy (MPT) from the National Institute of Medical Sciences in India.  Her Master’s studies focused on bone, joint and muscle (orthopedic/musculoskeletal) conditions. 

Justina has over 16 years experience working in medical rehabilitation.  On top of her university qualifications, she has completed training in:

  • Degenerative Lumbar Spine Diseases (Dubai Spine Educational Seminar, United Arab Emirates)
  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in ACL reconstruction (Zulekha Hospitals, United Arab Emirates)
  • Pelvic Floor and Incontinence Assessment and Management (Edutrack Seminar, United Arab Emirates)
  • Role of Physiotherapy in Polyneuropathies, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Diabetic Neuropathy (Zulekha Hospitals, United Arab Emirates).
  • Manual Therapy Evaluation and Treatment for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions (Mulligan Concept courses, United Arab Emirates).
  • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Gulf Medical University National Conference, United Arab Emirates)
  • Workplace Non-Violent Conflict Management (Active First Aid, Winnipeg)
  • Diagnosis and Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Emirates Physiotherapy Society, United Arab Emirates)

Justina is currently pursuing advanced training for treating vestibular conditions.

More About Justina

Tell us about why you became a physiotherapist?

“I actually became a physiotherapist thanks to a close family member’s encouragement.  Physiotherapy then matured from an interest of mine to become a ‘call to serve/help.’  Ever since, this career path has given me so much satisfaction and joy.  I work with my heart, and I still feel that physiotherapy isn’t just my profession, but my calling.”

What do you like best about being a physiotherapist?

“What I like most about being a physiotherapist is the opportunity it gives me to help people help themselves.”

What are some compliments you’ve received from patients?

“I’m so humbled by the compliments I’ve received from my patients.  I’ve heard:

  • ‘Your help will stay in my heart forever,’
  • ‘You have great passion for what you do, thank you for helping me,’
  • ‘Thanks for your empathic heart,’
  • ‘Thanks for being so attentive,’ and
  • ‘Your help in my recovery is sincerely appreciated.’”

What is something you’re proud of, in your professional life?

“I’m proud of my patients’ achievements.  For example, I’m proud I how I was able to enhance the quality of life of a middle-aged patient who had been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  Through my work with her, from her arrival in the ICU until her full recovery, she was able to improve her muscle strength and develop a more positive outlook in life.”

What is your favourite thing to do at work?

“At work, my favourite thing is helping my clients through their rehabilitation journeys - to get them back to feeling fit and strong again.

“I’m particularly passionate about treating patients with osteoporosis, and helping patients recover from post-op joint replacements, back and neck pain, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vertigo.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“In my spare time I enjoy gardening.  I also volunteer at St. Amant, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive resources for Manitobans with developmental disabilities and autism.”

Someone who knows you well would describe you as…

“Professional, patient, empathic, caring, amiable, works well with diverse types of people, works well on teams, communicates well, and learns quickly.”

What do you love about Winnipeg?

“I love Winnipeg’s cultural diversity, how it’s family-oriented, and its tourist attractions, such as the Assiniboine Park Zoo, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  Winnipeg also has lots of employment opportunities, and it has an affordable cost of living.”

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