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At River East Physiotherapy & Sports Fitness Clinics we guide, facilitate and educate our patients to their highest potential. We help patients set achievable goals with a treatment plan established at the assessment. We work to exceed expectations.

A customized, progressive home program help patients maintain and progress gains made after discharge.

Why Choose Us?

Our Physiotherapists are licensed professionals in Medical Rehabilitation with university degrees. Our clinics are approved by the University of Manitoba for student internships.

Established in 1985 and both clinics recently renovated.

  • Our equipment is state of the art
  • Early morning, daytime, evening and Saturday appointments available
  • No medical referral is necessary unless your insurance requires
  • Direct billing privileges are available to Autopac, WCB and Blue Cross and qualifying private insurers. Physiotherapy is a tax deductible medical expense.
  • We treat all ages and conditions
  • Free Parking
  • We work with your doctor, dentist, chiropractor or personal trainer in a team approach
  • Our Physiotherapy Team have a variety of post graduate skill sets. We also have Massage Therapists on our team. We collaborate together for your best possible outcomes when necessary with your permission.

If you are happy with the services we provide, we encourage you to tell others. If you are not satisfied, please tell us. We will do our best to rectify any concerns.

Can Physiotherapy help you? Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our physiotherapists. Don’t wait to see if your pain might go away. The sooner you start your rehabilitation program, the sooner you will see improvement.

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